First you send us a short e mail though our contact page and tell us about what you are working on, how it is different, and why you think we might be able to help you with it.

Next we will set aside some time to speak with you, either on the phone or in person, we will love hearing about why you are excited. If you have a vision for your story this will be a great time to share it. Hopefully your product will be far enough along that we can feel it, touch it, or experience it, so we can have the same excitement as you.

After we have spoke and we have fallen head over heals for each other we will develop a treatment. This will be less than a page describing our concept for your piece, and why it’s the best idea. Because we are spending time on your project creating, we will probably ask for a small fee for our “creative engagement”. If you decide that you like the direction and want to move forward our fee will be absorbed into the final production.

Once our creative engagement is approved we will move into script writing, this is a collaboration, we will develop just the right script that uses the terminology that connects to your audience. This is a very important and fun part of the journey of creation of your film. You can give us as little or lot of input as you wish.

Now the fun starts to happening, we will start location and talent scouting. Now the process becomes real, we will be looking at spaces and folks that will bring the vision to life. Once we are approved at this stage of the process we will schedule dates and go into production.